To Angelica, who lives in sunny Miami, Florida with her high-school sweetheart husband, writing is a matter of the soul.  Children at last out of the house; the creative void was filled with her forever passion for writing.  Along with her two dogs, Jezebel (a sweet Doberman) and Sofia  (an adorable Boston Terrier) who often accompany her on her late night frenzies, she hopes she can share with you the intricate stories her mind generates.

​They say we are all born with a certain special aptitude, talent. Some recognize it and explore it. Others simply choose to ignore it due to circumstances or lacks of determination. My passion has always been writing. Throughout my school years I always excelled in literature. Journalism and creative writing were my most beloved classes and my grades were a direct reflection. It was then that my parents realized that my heart was completely in it to win it. Then I met a boy, Larry and my heart suddenly took another direction. We married a year before graduating from high school. Yes, it happened so young, but it works for some, at least for me it did. (Let me take a clever detour and tell you that romance in my marriage is still alive and well after three children and so many years.)

It was almost impossible to do any sort of writing while my children were growing up. I opted out of a forming a career to become a domestic engineer, a decision which I am glad to have made. I couldn't even say that it was boring because not only did I enjoy seeing every step of my children's life, but I also didn't have time to be bored. Once again my interests took second place.  

Then, suddenly it happened, my children were big enough to where I had some time to do what I loved. It was a sudden urge that made me pick up a typewriter and write my first story.  More followed, a total of ten, but I kept it to myself.   By then they were safely saved in my computer. Until one day I told, told of the books that I had spent hundreds of hours creating.  I feared everyone would laugh at me, after all, I had only been able to attend two years of college, yet I found support, encouragement.  It felt exhilarating.  

"To call myself successful will be based purely on the level of entertainment that my novels provide to others.  It's not financial success that I seek; it is the execution of my mind's need for creativity and how it will impact others.  I believe a writer is measured by his determination to get his work to his readers, and yield not to the many impediments that lay before him.  Never giving up, never surrendering to the pursuit of his dream. A dream that must chase him, day and night, until he gets his heart, in the form of a book, in the reader's hands.  That is what I strive for every day and your friendship and feedback gets me one step closer to my goal.  Thank you for visiting my page."


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