Thus enters Josephine into his life in a most atypical way. If passion is indeed an ambition that materializes into action by having one put as much mind, body, and soul into something, she is the most passionate woman he has ever met, and the viscount is in for quite a battle over his emotional safety net. The secrets she holds will astonish even him, and what was to be a harmless deception will set him on a wave of tribulations that will place his life as well as his heart in jeopardy. Prepare yourself for what should be an array of provocative scenes, a journey that includes nail-biting occurrences, secret passageways, and surprises galore.

​One Enchanted Night

Viscount Edward Blakemore refuses to put his sordid past to rest. As a matter of fact, because he firmly believes that in his reputation rests his strength, he laughs at the hereditary nobility by purposely airing out details of how his bed accommodates a broad spectrum of unusual behavior with less-than-virtuous women. His lack of disregard for society’s sense of decorum, places him just where he wants to be, at the top of the unmarriageable bachelor’s list.

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