Authors thoughts...
"You generate impeccable characters, to fit an equally impeccable story. Figments of your imagination that make you laugh, cry and live their tale. You cherish them so deeply that you could swear they are real. Time after time, the connection you've made with your heroes keep you away from hitting that key in your keyboard that will end this relationship. Yet, somewhere in time, you give them rest, and when you do, you feel like the loss of a loved one. Although I know, like many times before, I will create new protagonists with their own unique personalities, I will never forget Lucas and Isabel."      

London outskirts 1858- the most handsome and rakish Lucas Merewether, Viscount Warrington, won't even bother to choose his own bride to beget a heir.  After all, at all costs he wishes no emotional involvement with any woman.  So he sanctions his father, the Earl of Shrewsbury, to choose his bride to be.  His perfect plan for a marriage seems boring enough.  But he's about to find out that there is nothing boring about being married to Isabel De Carballo.  Not to mention that his bride has devised her own agenda when she accepted the offer of marriage her uncle received from Lucas’s  father.  She is after much more than his title and fortune.  

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   Labyrinth of Passions

Much more than the pleasures his body pledges to generate.  She is after the very thing he fears the most, the conquest of his soul.  Only Lucas is not willing to relinquish it so easily, or is he?  This uncomplicated marriage that he seeks takes many twists.  There is intrigue, including an abduction that takes him into the mouth of a pirate's cove.  And in between all the turmoil, Isabel ignites within him a fire more intense than anything he has ever encountered before in all his experienced years.  It excites him beyond   words.  The game of seduction he has entered may soon render him lost in a Labyrinth of Passions.