He's the handsome and mysterious Viscount Simon Fairchild.   The duties imposed upon him,  plus the betrayal of the woman he once loved, brands him as a man unmoved by the female gender.  Until one fateful night when with amuse delight he sets his eyes on Hanna.  He could only describe her as beautifully made.  His blue eyes gaze at her and a provocative smile follows. 

Meeting his gaze from across the room, Hanna becomes imprisoned by his thoughts and when he begins his approach towards her, chills steal up her spine. Never had she seen a more scandalously-tempting man.

Her very core vibrates as a herd containing  every hormone she possesses, and a few she didn't know she had, races towards an unseen cliff. Summoned by her mother, Lily, to come to the states on a matter of great importance, Hanna has only just arrived in town. Certainly, there have been enough traumatizing experiences in your life already without having to deal with these involuntary tremors of desires.  Imagine a girl who has been boarded in one of England's finest schools for twenty years, who has become an educator and lived a quiet life, suddenly finding out that her mother was not the enterprising business woman running a perfume store, but rather the madam of The Palace, the local brothel. 

As Simon finally comes to stand before her, he glances down her frame, then up again. He has the most incredible desire to do something barbarically delicious to her, something that he has refrained from doing to any woman for the past three years.  Reaching deep for his common sense, he dismisses the idea and with a deep, yet smooth voice, goes on to the matter that had transported him in her direction. A tutoring position for the viscount's young brother isn't exactly what she expected, but the offer does come in at the perfect time.  Financial troubles mandate she accept.  The pages of their lives are filled to the brim with hindrances, yet a love affair finally flourishes taking our couple hurtling towards the stars and beyond. Surprises and mystery mark theirs an intricate liaison.  And when someone with a twisted agenda places Hanna's life in jeopardy, our hero comes to the rescue as if wearing a shining armor. 

Years of applying himself studiously to remaining unattached have suddenly disappeared before Simon's very eyes and he's ready to surrender to his treacherous heart.  Yet a murky secret emerges.  The revelation categorically drives them apart and makes theirs a forbidden desire.  Nonetheless, while that secret has driven them apart, another has the power to bring them back together in a most unequivocal way.  Like trundles of smoke trailing from him to her, entwining about them as one in a thread of soul and heart forever.

*Forbidden Desires Foreword Reviews' 2013 INDIEFAB

Book of the Year Award Finalist*

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​​Forbidden Desires