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 Labyrinth of Passions Reviews

Labyrinth of Passions, Alice S. Tampa, Florida / I just finished reading, Labyrinth of Passions, by Angelica Rose and found it so delightful, that I just had to take a moment to post this on her website. The story was like a ticket to ride the roller coaster....once on the track, you were there until the ride was over. Ms. Rose seems to write with bright assurance, unafraid to use words freely to ensure we, the reader, remain glued to the story.  I have no doubt that this tale will remain memorable to all who read it.  Angelica, I am waiting watchfully for your next book. 

A man's sojourn into the Romance Genre / By David Bishop, author 
This read was my first romance novel ever, so I cannot compare or contrast Labyrinth of Passion to any other romance novel or author of romance. I cannot even be sure that I am writing a review in a manner appropriate for this genre. So, I'll just share how the story struck me. The author did a wonderful job of capturing the majesty and malignancy of romantic entanglements. Leading lady Isabel's insistence on fidelity is right and reasonable. Still, leading man Lucas resisted this and all other admissions of love and insisted on behaving in the manner that most women likely think most men behave. The story is a patient and loving illustration of how a woman's can-do and won't-give-up spirit can forge results; women are generally so much better at this sort of thing than we men are. Isabel is a calculating woman but always due to caring and not conceit. This novel could be thought of as a training manual for women who aren't sure how to proceed with those few of us men who are less than ideal in our deportment. (Okay, ladies, I had to say something in this review to hopefully prevent my being brought up on charges of conduct unbecoming a guy.) But let me drift no farther in defense of my standing in the kingdom of men, and return to the review of this entertaining novel. Angelica Rose must herself be a hell of woman with a great understanding of men. In Isabel, Ms. Rose captured the essence of a man's woman: attractive and playful, bold and creative, confident and caring, supportive, yet insistent on her right to be herself while remaining devoted to her man. Isabel is an amazing character, carefully crafted by an amazing writer. Read it.

Labyrinth of Passions (Kindle Edition), Betty W. (Miami, Florida)  / A good friend recommended this book and I am so glad I got it. I  didn't put it down unless I absolutely had to. The characters were real because the author brought them to life. I love it when you get the story from both points of view, not just one. Lucas and Isabel exploded with passion from the start and there was so much sexual tension that I found myself reading certain passages out loud to my husband. I congratulate "Ms. Rose" on a fantastic story. Keep 'em coming!!!    

Pacific Book Review Reviewed by: Lisa Brown-Gilbert  / In general, romance novels usually contain a hero, heroine, a blossoming of love,  sexual titillation and some type of intrigue. While, most romance novels do turn out to be usually good reads, there is one book in the romance genre that currently stands out as one of the best that I have had the pleasure of reading in quite a while and that book is Labyrinth of Passions by author Angelica Rose. Labyrinth of Passions is not the usual romance story where it ends after some sort of sexual encounter and brief intrigue, this story carries on with twists and turns in the plot that keep the reader riveted until the end. The characters of Isabel and Lucas are down to earth and interesting, making the reader want to stick with the story to see exactly where these characters  are headed. The use of descriptive language by author Angelica Rose is excellent. Every sentence paints a dazzling picture that gives the reader a front row seat to the married life of Isabel and Lucas. The setting of the story is greatly enhanced by the use of language and terms from that particular time period. This novel is a captivating read and I thoroughly enjoyed Labyrinth of Passions. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is a fan of romance novels or even a casual reader, as this book does satisfy on many levels.  

‚ÄčAngelica Rose - A Very Good Writer / By Peggy West 
"Labyrinth of Passions" is a smart book about an intelligent young woman who knows what it takes to keep a marriage going. The book opens in a unique setting -- a convent -- and moves quickly and deftly to the meeting of the heroine and the hero. The subplot, which is a good one, is about the kind of family betrayal that is a jawdropper. Angelica Rose is a great writer of mystery. I didn't "get" the answer to the mystery until the end but worked hard to figure it out throughout the book. The sexual tension, which is at the center of the plot, is well-paced and well-described. Reading about what the hero is working out in his head and how he resists marriage even though he's married adds a lighter touch. The heroine outfumbles the hero several times, of course. The twists and turns are fun and just when the reader thinks things are worked out, everything falls apart. This is a good historical romance novel with likeable, strong characters who have everything against them but come together in the end.

Passionate Writer / By Oli613 
First time I read Angelica Rose's debut novel Labyrinth of Passions I regrettably did not instantly review it, but after reading her second novel Forbidden Desires I feel compelled to come back and give her first novel a well deserved review. Angelica Rose is a new author in an inundated genre, but to me she stands leagues above the rest. Her talent for telling a good story is evident from the exposition of the story all the way up to its riveting conclusion. Angelica takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions along with the wonderful characters that she creates. Her writing is so real that I find myself feeling the emotions that the characters feel. How many authors can you name that have that gift? Angelica's true gift shines in the sensual scenes she creates. Can anyone say 3 alarm fire! Wow! Can't wait for more from this author. If you love romance novels, you are truly missing out if you do not pick up this gem of a novel!

Must Read! / By Yvonneon
I normally don't leave reviews, but I just had to express how much I enjoyed this book. Romance, passion and suspense this book had it all and I could not put it down. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

Passionate Writer / by Aileen N.

Ms. Angelica Rose is a very passionate writer. I enjoyed her story very much. Unlike your typical romance, this book is full has mystery and suspense. Due to my busy schedule, a book usually takes me some time to finish but I found it very difficult to put this one down and finished it in record time. I hope Angelica keeps us entertained with more of her writing.