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I hope to hold my readers captured through the  story, to imprison their emotions with every turning of the page. I aim to guide their thoughts through a path of emotions with strong, vibrant characters that reach deep  within  their hearts.  I want to make them sigh with satisfaction, to provoke entice them with sensually fought conflict of wits between the hero and heroine. My goal is to engage them in a plot so deeply, that they will view each scene in their minds as if they were watching a film. I know those are some high self-expectations, but the reader deserves nothing less.

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I love to hear from my readers. Whether its comments about one of my books, questions about upcoming books and events or even suggestions on what you'd like to read about, my readers are my lifeline.

Feel free to contact me at either of of my e-mail addresses or simply fill out the form below. I look forward to hearing from you.