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Forbidden Desires Reviews

Forbidden Desires Review by Lisa Brown-Gilbert PBR
By The Write Review on March 26, 2013

This is a review of the romance genre book Forbidden Desires by author Angelica Rose.

It started with a look. When Hanna Claremont first caught sight of Viscount Simon Fairchild, the attraction was instantaneous. While Hanna ogled, the winsome viscount he was also taking notice of her charms. However, unbeknownst to the two this mutual attraction would lead to the end of their lives, as they knew it and mark the beginning of a lifetime love riddled with secrets and lies.

Hanna Claremont and the Viscount are the main characters in the newest romance novel Forbidden Desires by author - Angelica Rose. This is the second romance novel written by Angelica Rose who has succeeded in delivering yet another intriguing and stimulating romantic adventure.

Hanna Claremont is beautiful, educated and she deeply believes that at twenty-six she is past her prime to become someone's wife. Hanna, while a teacher in England is summoned to Lawrence, Massachusetts to help her ailing mother Lily, by running her business - the Palace which is an upscale "bawdy house" also known as a "parlor". Hanna shocked by the news of her mother's business determines to help her mother and stays. Eventually by an unexpected turn of events, she becomes the tutor to Viscount Simon Fairchild's wheelchair bound brother - Phillip.

The Viscount - Simon Fairchild is handsome, virile and an independent man of means. Nevertheless, he has been embittered by a past love gone wrong and only looks to satisfy his physical desires and not his emotional needs. His urges get satisfied regularly at the Palace, making him a well-known and consistent patron of Lily's Parlor. Seeing Hanna he thinks she is fair game but he soon realizes she is someone very different from his normal female fare and Simon (used to getting what he wants from women) sets his mind (and loins) on Hanna.

As the tutor in the Fairchild estate Hanna strives to keep the contact between her and Viscount Fairchild on an appropriate level, especially since he is an aristocrat and she, considered the help; beside that, her being the daughter of the town madam did not help the circumstances either. However, Simon is so attracted to Hanna that he finds it difficult to keep his desires at bay. As events unfold in the story, the two soon find themselves sexually entwined and falling deeply in love. Albeit, their love for each other had to be concealed because it was considered forbidden. However, that is not where the prohibitions of the story end. As it turns out, their relationship is forbidden on multiple levels as the two lovers find, long veiled family secrets become reluctantly unveiled. It is the revelation of their family secret(s) that sparks a necessary rift between the two of them that only enduring love, burning desire, and exposure of dark truths can close.

When it comes to writing engaging, literate romance novels author Angelica Rose has her finger on the pulse of what works in the romance genre. With a setting from an era that is ripe for the subject matter, duplicitous subplots, believable characters, coupled with her use of descriptive imagery and tantalizing scenes of unbridled passion - readers will find themselves emotionally invested in this story, turning pages as quickly as they can read to see what happens next in the lives of Hanna and Simon. Angelica Rose is a scintillating storyteller and Forbidden Desires is a choice romance read.

Wonderfully written,  By noddy868

Forbidden Desires / Love, Love, Loved Forbidden Desires. It is one of the rare books that I couldn't put down. I like the way that i t seems like you know what is going to happen, there is a huge twist. ​Definitely recommend both Forbidden Desires and Labyrinth Of Passions by Angelica Rose. 

Angelica weaves an entrancing story / By Olivia V
From the moment I began reading Forbidden Desires I knew I would not be able to put it down. Angelica's story telling is so captivating that one becomes addicted to the the plot, the characters, and oh, those steamy scenes!!!!! Since her debut novel Labyrinth of Passion I have been eagerly anticipating her next novel and Angelica has not disappointed. She is a truly gifted story teller and even more gifted at creating sensual scenes that get your blood pumping;) Can't wait for whatever new stories Angelica has brewing. P.S. Hubby thought the book was great too. He enjoyed the after effects of Forbidden Desires...

LOVED IT, By Maggie B., Forbidden Desires

I recently finished reading Forbidden Desires by Angelica Rose and I must say I couldn't put it down. I Loved it!!!!! Can't wait to see what Angelica has in store for her next novel.

Mabel - Amazon Purchase - Forbidden Desires

I started reading Forbidden Desires as soon as I received it and could not put it down! This was an absolute ​delight to read, the characters are wonderful and the story very emotional. I immediately fell in love with the heroine, Hanna. She's independent, strong, and practical; ready to sacrifice everything for her mother's wellbeing. And Simon is to die for. This is the second book I read from Angelica Rose and cannot wait for the next! 

Highly Recommended!!  By Anaely R.,  

Forbidden Desires / I received my copy of Forbidden Desires and I was immediately drawn in. Sacrificing sleep was not difficult as I emerged myself into this beautiful story. I can still close my eyes and see Simon and Hanna right in front of me. What a great story, the author has a special way of portraying the characters, makes them come alive... makes  me miss them at the end. This relatively new author; Angelica Rose, has captured my heart once again. 

Great Read!!,  By Carleane - Forbidden Desires

Normally, I am so eager to get into the next book that I don't have time to give a review. But Angelica Rose has grown on me. I follow her on FB and adore her page and the messages she offers. So I decided to read her new book, Forbidden Desires. Boy, am I glad I did. It is the story of two unlikely people coming together wholly and totally. This story rings true. It develops smoothly and effectively allowing the reader to identify with the characters easily as they give themselves to their heart's desires. When Hanna and Simon are driven apart by an unexpected revelation, I could feel the pain and emotions within them. Lovely ending awaits those who take comfort in the reading of Forbidden Desires. I greatly recommend it and will be ordering her first book, Labyrinth of Passions right away. Keep them coming, Ms.Rose -Carleane   

Perfect autumn read By Anna B 
I picked this up more or less by chance, and am very glad I did so, as ms Rose has written an entertaining and sensual story, complete with a likeable heroine and a most intriguing hero. Hanna and Simon are immediately attracted to each other, and through various twists and turns, Ms Rose leads us through a complicated story of passion, love and family relationships. What I really liked was that Hanna was very credible as a woman of her times, showing an adequate amount of spunk combined with a deep-seated respect for conventions and norms - but only up to a point. Definitely something to read over a chilly autumn weekend!

Award well deserved by Katherine N.

I picked up this book because it was a book of the year finalist. It was and amazing read with characters that literally jump out of the book and speak to you. I was so sad once I had to turn that last page and say goodbye to all the characters. Without a doubt I will be purchasing Angelica Roses' other books. Thank you for a beautiful story.

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Book of the Year Award Finalist*